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DSC04243This time I’m not talking about wild flowers, but gold old dahlias. I got this little bunch for £2.50 from a flower stall in Bath last Thursday and they are still very much going strong! They are so pretty, the pleasure they are giving me is priceless!

If I had my own garden, I would grow dahlias and sweetpeas and peonies (my other favourite flowers), as well as honeysuckle and big colourful roses. Hmm, I can dream…


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Mmm, that title reminds me of the technicolour dream world that is ‘Oz’, and it’s not too far from what I’m thinking in regards to colour. I love a riot of colour, all kinds of colour and pattern clashing together. However, I find that I have ‘colour corners’ where the clash is concentrated. In my apartment these are in my kitchen where a mixture of interesting food packaging and label design lifts a small corner, in my studio where the ‘wonderwall’ above my desk is choc-full of inspiring and sometimes weird images and objects, and is also home to my beloved Cuban cockerel, and, last but not least, in my utility cupboard in which I house otherwise mundane objects and collections of nails in colourful jars and boxes. I also sprinkle colour around in smaller ways – red ribbons that were wrapped around Charbonnel et Walker champagne truffle boxes, Pimms spoons in glass jugs, colourful postcards on the fridge and small Chinese lion heads on display, all against a canvas of all-white walls. My ‘relaxation’ spaces are another story, however, where the bright colour makes way for watered down versions mixed with neutrals and monochrome pattern. I am passionate about colour, and do have a penchant for kitsch, but use it to fire me up with inspiration! When I tear myself away from my desk at night, the paler colours of my bedroom are a wonderful counterbalance as I sink in to my marshmallow soft bed…mmm, lovely sleep!

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