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I don’t know about you, but the first thing I like to do when I arrive in a hotel is to take a photo of the room, sad, I know, and as the bed is usually the focal point of the room, I inevitably end up with lots of photos of beds. My family enjoys seeing this reportage of  ‘places I have slept’ but I’m not sure that it would be of much interest to anyone else. Anyone, that is, except someone who is interested in interiors. I focus a lot on architecture in this blog for the main reason that I am just as passionate about architecture as I am about interiors, but also because it is so much easier to photograph architecture – every day if I wanted to! So, here’s a bit of interior action for you. It’s the cream of the crop of beds where I spent the night literally California dreaming.

Hotel Angeleno BedroomThis was at the Hotel Angeleno, Los Angeles (apologies for my posing!). The bed was huge, like sleeping on a cloud with the white fluffy mattress and duvet, and the headboard was smooth suede. The walls were covered in buttermilk wallpaper and there was a lot of leather.

Hennesey HouseHennessey House’s ‘Paisley Room’, Napa. We had the smallest room in the place but it was very comfortable for one night. A very well run and well-presented Queen Anne style guest house and the decor was extremely in-keeping with the style of the house.

Water's EdgeAh, the Water’s Edge, Tiburon – a dream of a bed, which was a problem as I didn’t want to get out of it. I had to though, to jump on the ferry to San Francisco! This room was large and very luxurious with a huge bath as well as this huge bed! I loved the patterned blanket at the end of the bed and, again, the wealth of leather.

Huntington BeachThis was the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach, the last hotel of our trip. The decor was light and bright with warm wood and colour accents, as well as unusual touches such as these stone shell lamp stands. The plain white fluffy duvet was present here too, as was the deliciously comfortable mattress.

All of these places inspired me to create a more comfortable atmosphere in my own bedroom, which is all white – walls and duvet – with pale grey low shelves on either side of the bed beneath which live our extensive magazine collections (mine fashion, architecture and interiors, his motor racing and fast cars!) and above which are different sized framed pictures. Above the bed hangs a string of fairy lights in individual white paper lanterns and a giant ball paper lantern hangs low from the ceiling. I’ll pop a photo of it on here one day.

I do admit that I find it difficult to emerge from my bed each day, and even more so now that it is in the dark! If only humans could hibernate…ah well, I can dream, can’t I?


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