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It’s long overdue, seeing as my California road trip was back in May, but it is time for me to lovingly reminisce about the fortnight I spent in the sunshine state, particularly as the autumn is creeping in here in the UK.

Our first stop in Los Angeles was, as anticipated, the architectural highlight of the trip, John Lautner’s Chemosphere being the main attraction, of course! I snapped houses at the side of main roads all the way around the state and will include them in my blogs, but wanted to start with the homes that line the canals in Venice, CA.

Venice beachfront is a crazy place, with all manner of weird and wonderful people. Just a block or so inland, however, are what is left of the canals. The calm and peacefulness, where householders tend to their gardens and ducks make their merry way through the water,  is a complete contrast to the hustle and bustle of the beach.

Venice 1

All of the homes were extremely attractive. The pristine white clap-board bungalow above was my own personal favourite – it has so much character – but every one of them was a picture, particularly for a modernist afficianado like me!

Venice 2

There were also some strange but wonderful homes. This one reminds me of an aardvark!

Venice 3

Other houses were more traditional but still just as beautiful. I was surprised that there were no other tourists wandering around the canals, enjoying the peaceful ambience and the interesting architecture. They are a little hidden away though, which might explain it – a real gem amongst the rough! I would have liked to have had longer to explore Venice but our whistlestop tour meant that we had to move on to the next wonderful place…


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